Checking in…day 3/day673

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I’m awake an hour before my alarm was due to go off so I’ve drank tea and read blogs without taking time from my day – bliss! I decided on Saturday to keep track of what I do instead of smoke spliff to help keep my motivation so where better to record that than on here! The title is to remind myself that if I can not drink for that long then I can not smoke weed too if I really choose to. It’s not as if it’s everywhere I look like booze or even legal here!
Saturday after writing I went and watched J have a riding lesson so I could video – I haven’t been at the yard with her for a while and we had a nice time. C and I did an online dance class sat evening – Argentine Tango with Oti Mabuse. C used to dance a lot and I dabbled with him but we never really kept it up together. It was really fun – though I kept kicking the bin as our kitchen isn’t that big! Made love later 💗.
Sunday a long walk and catch up with a friend not seen in a while then I had a long video call with my brother in Bulgaria. He’s the youngest and we were very close but I’ve drifted from him over the years as he is more one of life’s takers than givers. He had it tough as a child and dealt with it angrily whereas I people pleased more. He seems to have found some peace rescuing dogs – one of which is coming to live with us hopefully! I’ve rediscovered my love and compassion for him and am enjoying reconnecting. After that I cooked for a good few hours listening to Sounds of the 70s on the radio which I love. Played scrabble (lost) and read my book before gratefully falling asleep. I’ve not been reading much lately so getting into it this weekend also been good.

I’ve not actually craved the cannabis at all though I’ve had nicotine which is the main addiction I think and I know that Gollum will make an appearance sooner or later. I’d usually spend a lot of time on my iPad playing games and scrolling when stoned and doing something more genuinely stimulating instead has definitely helped. I’ve hardly done any of that this weekend and my mood was better for it. I’m awake early – one of my main motivations is to get up earlier and get into a morning yoga/meditation habit so that’s where I’m heading now. Have a good Monday my friends!

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  1. i’m on a return from the past year of allowing myself to get too casual with the old bad habits again. Just getting started and nicotine will probably be the hardest. I’ve never been a cannabis user but many times wish i had that option as it seems to have less toxic effects over all. However, getting completely “clean” is the ultimate goal for sure. I’d love to be rid of everything, even caffeine. You have done a tremendous job with alcohol sobriety so yes, you have the tools you need… keep going..and KUDOS!

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    1. Thanks Lovie – I agree nicotine will be tough – was my first addiction and the one without breaks. Cannabis does seem less toxic but it zaps your motivation and energy and that’s what I need to rediscover! Good luck with your return! 💞💞


  2. You are so right about using your time to do something stimulating instead of the mindless screen time. Something that brings real satisfaction or fulfillment…do more of that! 💕

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  3. Dear DGS, super admiring of the 3 days pot-free. I know someone who smokes a fair bit of it, and it is very, very noticeable. The smell of it is throughout his clothes, and it completely dulls his awareness. When I (gently) brought it up, mentioning it might be a main cause of his memory problems (which he talks about often), he wasn’t even aware I knew. He thought only tobacco smoke might be noticeable but marijuana is (of course) too.

    Awesome work making the decision — and with style! The kids and I have been doing some dance lessons the past while and it is a lot of fun.

    Sounds like an awesome relaxing and productive day, thanks for sharing it with us. And thank you so much for taking the time to read as well. I hugely appreciate your kind presence, it makes a big difference. :)))) 💗🌷

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