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“There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen

  • Welcome to My New Sobriety Blog

    22nd Jun 2019 by

    I’m quite new to my relative sobriety, finding my way in a world where I’m used to being the helper not the helped. I’m thinking there might be other people out there like me, scared to come out because of their professions so if I reach you and you feel less alone then I’ve helped… Read more

  • Smoking and Me

    28th Jun 2020 by

    I noticed today it’s around a year since I started this blog. I’m not great at staying the course with things – I’m your ideas woman not the completer finisher so I’m proud I’ve kept this up. I’m also aware that a year on I’m not so proud that I’ve not done much about the… Read more

  • The Leibster Award

    10th Jun 2020 by

    Like Anne who nominated me to do this I’ve been putting this off but it’s just for fun so here goes. Here are the rules if anyone doesn’t know them already! Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. Answer the 11 questions given to you. Share 11 facts… Read more

  • Exploring White Privilege

    6th Jun 2020 by

    It’s hard to write a post updating on the trivia of my life when such momentous things are happening in the world. The death of George Floyd has sparked protests in the USA and around the world and the images of ongoing police brutality in the USA against protesters is further confirmation of the death… Read more

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