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“There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”

Leonard Cohen

  • The Heart Failure Diaries (Endings and Beginnings)

    19th Mar 2022 by

    Last Saturday my mum realised she’s going to die – soon. We don’t know how soon but soon enough we think. It’s a strange space to be in, this one of anticipatory grief and loss. The knowledge blows around you – sometimes gently reminding you to really appreciate a moment; others catching you with a… Read more

  • Welcome to My New Sobriety Blog

    22nd Jun 2019 by

    I’m quite new to my relative sobriety, finding my way in a world where I’m used to being the helper not the helped. I’m thinking there might be other people out there like me, scared to come out because of their professions so if I reach you and you feel less alone then I’ve helped… Read more

  • Autumn Pause

    3rd Nov 2022 by

    I write nothing for nearly 4 months then 2 posts in 2 days! Part of why I hadn’t been writing was I started my Equine Assisted Therapy training in July. I had deferred it due to mum’s health but her improvement and encouragement from a friend that I shouldn’t put my life on hold meant… Read more

  • Mothers and Daughters

    4th Jun 2022 by

    I was floating along in such a happy space when I last wrote it’s not surprising something burst my bubble. More specifically my mum did. We had a birthday tea for C with mum and J, my youngest. Lots of banter and fun, then J mentioned a story granny had told her – the time… Read more

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