Happy Holidays everyone

Just catching up with some posts this morning before I get up and write the final Christmas list of tasks – presents still to get and wrap, food to buy and cook. As soon as I’ve written it I need to get on with doing it! The election and the depressed mood afterwards delayed my Christmas preparation and as I’m always pretty last minute this year its on the wire! We only got the tree decorated last night when my eldest daughter E came home. I love all the tat from when they were children that I still put on so it’s full on gaudy – looks better in real life than the photo if you like that sort of thing!

I find the commercial aspects of Christmas annoying and I’m pretty bah humbug until about now then I start to get into it. As a woman and a mum Christmas is a lot of extra work but if you pull it off and make your loved ones happy that’s a lovely feeling. This year I’m trying to focus on that part rather than the stress!

Anyway the main reason I’m writing this is to say I hope you all have whatever kind of Christmas you are hoping for and there is lots of love, peace and contentment. Starting this blog and interacting on here has been massive for me this year and I think of you all as friends – the kind you really like and really enjoy spending time with; the kind that tell it to you straight so you trust their judgement, but they can do it in a way that doesn’t shame or embarrass you at all; the kind you can be your real self with and not worry about what they think. Really good mates in other words.

Me and C are away for New Year so I’m hoping all the blogs posts whirring round my subconscious beneath the to do lists will make it out then! Until then Happy Christmas you wonderful people and thank you for being here.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

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  1. yayayay Happy Christmas to you and your family (and your subconscious, lol)!! I hope you also manage to get some rest amidst all the preparations and bustle (I’m really last minute this year, just like you. Haven’t bought presents yet, and haven’t done the tree yet either – yikes!). xxx Looking forward to hearing from you in 2020 and until then, enjoy the presence of your loved ones !!! xx Anne

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  2. Such a beautiful post… thank you for your lovely thoughts and wishes and thank you for your lovely blog. What a sweet angel, and star! on the that adorable tree. Happy solstice and happy xmas hols! xoxoxo nadine

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