Surviving lockdown

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So a couple of weeks later than the rest of the world thought we should be, the UK is now in lockdown; though the list of essential workers is long and people are still confused as to what they can or can’t do. We know what is coming but we don’t know either; not really as in what it will actually be like. Most of us have never directly lived through a national emergency, war, pandemic, or indeed anything remotely scary or disruptive on this scale. The news can often have a far away ‘otherness’ about it which no doubt has contributed to people struggling to accept the danger is imminent and real. This kind of thing happens to other people in other parts of the world, surely not here our minds ask?

With the re-introduction of spliff me and C have stopped arguing and are starting to find a rhythm to it. We’ve been gradually isolating more and more these last 2 weeks. We pay money to go stay in cottages to be just us and the dogs; so when I’m not consumed with the news and anxious foreboding I’m trying to look on it as a gift of time together. Lots of connecting with others too via WhatsApp groups and Facetime with my girls and my mum. Hard to get any work done with all the jokes coming through – can’t stop laughing!

Having watched a U tube virology lesson about Covid-19 and been reminded that we can bolster our immune systems to increase our chances; (should there not be a ventilator available if needed); I’m chomping on Brazil nuts, having cider vinegar every morning (my Dad will be proud – he swears by it) and taking Vitamin C. As I edged nervously around other shoppers at the supermarket today, gloves on and scarf over mouth, I felt the urge to bake and bought random ingredients as delicious things appeared in my mind. Randomly bought some bedding plants too – don’t know what they are but we will have the time to watch them grow. It was lovely to see my mum even if at a distance when I dropped her supplies round afterwards. Walking the dogs felt like a treat in the warm sunshine. Nature seems to be celebrating as she always does in Spring but it’s bittersweet this year.

C suggested more love making as a way to pass the time – always near the top of his list anyway! Vaguely remembering that sex boosts your immune system I enthusiastically agreed – ‘at least 4 times a week please!’ It’s fun, it’s free and it’s good for you – what’s not to like!

Of course the other thing that zaps your immune system is stress, and there’s a lot of that to be had right now. I did an online yoga class tonight and though different it was comforting and grounding. Jane, the teacher reminded us that life is always precarious – we just aren’t aware of it most of the time. I thought about the refugees around the world; facing this in overcrowded camps with little medical care available; after having fled their homes leaving all they had behind. I felt grateful I still have a warm home and good food. We may not have lived through anything like it but plenty around the world have. This pandemic is a great leveller.

So I guess this is my personal Covid-19 lockdown survival tool kit: good food, sex, yoga, connection with others whatever ways I can and remembering there are people much worse off than ourselves right now – (and lots of homemade cake!) – what’s in yours?

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  1. Yes to sex, yoga, walking outside, riding my bike!
    In fact, I am not gaining weight! I am losing a little bit!
    I am also making little videos of songs to send to my neighbors preschool aged children.
    They are so cute!
    Calling my family and friends.

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  2. Doc, your regime sounds wholesome & earthy & well-placed. I made a list yesterday morning of my near-future daily routines. It sings like this –

    Dream Diaries

    House chores.

    Ginger root.

    Wooing from a distance!

    Rest = Balance

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  3. wowowow sounds like you’re doing everything to have the best lockdown ever!!!! Also: POST PICS OF THE CAKE ! 🙂 As part of my non-negociable lockdown survival strategy, we have: wake up without an alarm at whatever time you waaaaant, morning meditation, online yoga class, comforting breakfast, cup of herbal tea at some point in the day, some sugary treat in the evening (yes!!!), and one looooong solo walk every day (no SKIPPING even if not in the mood). So far it’s keeping the insanity at bay. If you have any tips on how not to argue with your partner, that’s a blog post I would loooove to read 🙂 xxxx ❤ Anne

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    1. I think C would write that one better than me! 😂😂 Tolerance I would say – when I’m stressed I get annoyed about little things and I’m trying to let them go and remind myself that this is precious time and all we have as if one of us got sick I’d hate to look back and think why did I mess that time up? Not made the cake or pudding yet but will post when I do! Take care and stay well 💞💞

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  4. Loving your survival guide. Still being in work I haven’t really experienced isolation yet. I am able to work from home tomorrow and hopefully Friday so I’m going to start running and introduce regular meditation (still learning) to my day. I’m planning to do Joe Wicks’ PE lesson daily too! Sleeping in tomorrow morning is my first plan of action!! 😁

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  5. With my partner convinced I’m a walking CV carrier and keeping a good 2m away, sex is not an easy one. I may have to return to my teenage years and find creative ways to have monosex! Everything else sounds spot on. Let’s get some positives out this shitty situation. Definitely. Great post . Jim x

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